The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland is the national church of Iceland. It is a free and independent religious community with a membership at around 70 percent of the population. 


The church is organised into 266 congregations around the country, serving under one bishop.                          

The current bishop is Agnes M. Sigurðardóttir, the nation‘s first female bishop, who assumed office in 2012.

The church traces its foundation back to the inauguration of Christianity by the legislative assembly Alþingi in the year 1000. In 1550, the reformation took place in Iceland and since then Lutheranism has been the majority religion in the country.

Pastor for immigrants

Toshiki Toma has since 1996 served as the church‘s pastor for immigrants. He holds services and prayer meetings in English around the country and is available for individual consultations. His website can be found here..

A community open to all

The church welcomes anyone, regardless of religious affiliation, and seeks to maintain a community based on brotherly love and the words of Jesus Christ.

To find information and the location of your nearest parish click here.

If you have any further information contact kirkjan@kirkjan.is.